DIY: Glittery Tree Holiday Card Holders

These charming glittery tree card holders are easy to make, and look great on your mantel, side table, or kitchen counter.

First, collect your supplies. You will need: card stock paper (glittery, patterned, whatever you like!), the Card Holder Tree Template (431) printed, standard size clothes pins, solid wood craft blocks (found at any craft store), scissors, tape, and wood glue.

Glue the end tip of one clothes pin to the side of one block. Secure with tape until dry.

Cut trees out of printed template. Then take the cut out trees and trace around them onto the back side of your card stock paper. Cut these tree shapes out of the card stock paper.

Glue the card stock trees to the outside of your clothes pin/block holders.

And, voila! You have a beautiful forest of glittery tree holiday card holders.

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